20% off prescription sunglasses in July

We are giving 20% off all our prescription sunglass package deals during July. This includes Ted Baker frames. Our package deal sunglasses start at just £59.95 so you could grab a bargain and get frame, prescription lenses, tint and UV protection from only £47.96 in July.

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July Holidays Hours

We will be closing for the holidays from Monday 11th July to Saturday 17th July. If you need advice on emergency eye care please contact us at info@waveneyeyecareni.co.uk.

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Christmas Opening Hours

We will close at 3pm on Tuesday 22nd December until 10am Tuesday 5th January.

If you require URGENT EYECARE you can contact our on call optometrist on 07388 251 632.

If you need replacement glasses or have any other enquiries please contact us at info@waveneyeyecareni.co.uk. Alternatively, you can leave a message on the practice phone on 028 256 30588.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting us throughout this very difficult year and wish you all a Happy Christmas!

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Winter Frame Sale- 20% OFF

Our Winter frame sale starts on 1st December. All frames are 20% off including Ted Baker, Guess, Cath Kidson & Joules.

Offer excludes package deals.

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Online shop

Online shop

Our online shop now has 20% OFF contact lenses and we are now selling reading glasses too. You can buy these and dry eye drops, lens cleaning sprays, eye bags, chains and cords and get FREE delivery on everything.

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COVID-19 Update

We are available on the phone and email 6 days a week for anyone who needs replacement glasses and contact lenses. We are offering phone consultations and free delivery of orders. You can contact us via email at info@waveneyeyecareni.co.uk and our new mobile number is 07388 251 632.

If anyone needs artificial tear drops/ dry eye drops we have plenty in practice we can deliver to you.

Please remember to apply good hygiene to your glasses by washing them every day and using our alcohol based lens spray or wipes to disinfect your lenses.

To maintain the safety of our staff and patients we are no longer providing routine eye tests and contact lens checks. We are still available Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays for anyone who has a problem with their vision or eye health. This includes anyone with sudden changes in their vision, sudden onset of flashing lights and floaters, suspect eye infections & anyone with a foreign body in the eye.

Please stay safe.

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Eye Care Provision through the COVID 19 outbreak

We have changed our opening hours to make sure that we have the staff and the time to continue providing safe and consistent eye care all through the current outbreak. I thought it would be good to highlight what is going on in the practice at the moment and ways we can help you. We will remain open to ensure that anyone who needs urgent eye care and replacement glasses or lenses can get help.

All patients are asked to wash their hands before going through for an eye test or try on any glasses

New shields have been placed on our equipment to help reduce contact when we are examining your eyes.

All equipment has always been cleaned down between each patient and we have always washed our hands between seeing every patients and handling a persons glasses.

We are asking any vulnerable patients if they would like us to contact them in a few months time to come in for their routine eye test.

Contact lenses can be paid for online or over the phone and delivered out to you free of charge.

Our credit card machine is wiped down after each use and we wash our hands after handling money.

At the end of every day we disinfect all surfaces in the practice that staff or patients have been in contact with.

We are asking anyone who feels unwell to not come in and re-book when they are better and through their self isolation period

All frames are being sanitized after being tried on

Our waiting area has been rearranged to aid social distancing and toys & magazines have been removed

We are able to deliver/ post out any glasses that need collected or repaired

We can also deliver/ post out any eye drops or accessories needed

If you need replacement glasses or contact lenses but are not able to come into the practice we can get an optometrist to phone you for a consultation so we are able to safely deliver/ post out whatever you need. 

We will remain open to ensure that anyone who needs urgent eye care and replacement glasses or lenses can get help.

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New opening hours

From Monday 23rd March the practice will change it’s opening hours. It is important that we are able to provide a consistent and safe service for our patients and reducing our hours will help us do that.

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 9.30am-5pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 9.30am-5pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 9.30am-5pm

You can contact us any day we are not open on our mobile to make bookings, ask for advice or any other queries.

Mobile: 07388 251 632

Or email us at info@waveneyeyecareni.co.uk

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NHS Urgent Eye Care Service

With many GP surgeries currently closed it is vital that we continue to offer urgent eye care for those who need it.

The NI PEARS service is for patients who develop a new eye condition such as:

  • Red eye (s)
  • Pain and/or discomfort in the eyes, or around the eye area
  • Sudden reduction in vision in one or both eyes
  • Recent onset or sudden increase of flashes and/or floaters in one or both eyes
  • Suspected foreign body in the eye

We will have urgent care appointments as well as routine sight tests available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

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Advice to contact lens wearers

It is vital to ensure that you wash your hands with warm water and soap using the correct technique before handling your contact lenses. If you use monthly disposable lenses please clean your case regularly with warm water and soap and allow to air dry before use. Please make sure that you use the correct disinfecting solution to clean your lenses thoroughly.

You can order and pay for your contact lenses by phone and have them posted out to you directly. You can also buy lenses from us online.

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