Children’s Eye Care

We value children’s eye care at Waveney Eye Care NI and believe it is crucial that they start to have eye tests from an early age. They should be tested regularly because their eyes can change very quickly as they grow. When eye problems are detected early in children they can be corrected well.

Children with undiagnosed eye conditions are more likely to have difficulties with learning at school.

When children are unable to see clearly they have difficulty with activities both inside and outside the classroom. Unfortunately, children may have no idea that their vision is poor – and often neither do their teachers or parents. If their vision has always been blurry they don’t know any different.

Good eyesight is crucial for a child’s development at school and socially. Research shows that 1/5 school age children have an undiagnosed vision problem.

Eye tests are FREE for all children under 19 in full time education. Call us to make an appointment for your child today.


You will find a wide selection of free frames for children in the practice. We specialise in dispensing glasses for babies and young children. There are also Harry Potter, Roald Dahl, Superman, Batman or Peppa Pig frames to choose from. Our team are available to help you with any adjustments or repairs your child’s glasses may need.


In addition to frames you can also buy a variety of straps to help secure your child’s glasses and Blinx frame accessories for kids. Blinx are small charms that can be attached to the side of any frame to jazz them up. They’re a great way to brighten up frames while encouraging your child to wear their glasses!