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FREE Sunglass Lenses when you buy Varifocals

FREE Sunglasses offer

We are now offering a FREE pair of single vision standard lens sunglass lenses when you buy our new Hoya Lifestyle 3 Varifocals.

The Lifestyle 3 varifocals use the most up to date technology to create a lens offering optimal vision, wide field of view and amazing comfort. This premium lens with top of the range antiglare coating costs £299. When you purchase them we can offer you a FREE set of amplitude trueform varifocal lenses OR a FREE set of single vision sunglass lenses. Frames can be purchased to go with these free lenses from just £20.

Get yourself premium varifocals AND a spare pair of varifocal lenses or single vision sunglass lenses for FREE!

Offer runs until 30th September 2018

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Order Your Contact Lenses Online with us

New Online ordering for Contact Lenses

Order Your Contact lenses Online!

Patients of Waveney Eye Care NI can now order Aquacomfort plus daily disposable, Total 1 daily disposable & Air Optix monthly contact lenses via our website. You can pay for lenses online and choose to either collect from the practice or have them delivered to your home for a small delivery charge. You must be up to date with your eye test and contact lens aftercare to order lenses.

It is now far easier to order your lenses and we don’t ask you to sign up to schemes or direct debits, you simply order and pay for what you need.

New online lens ordering @ Waveney Eye Care NI, Ballymena

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Blinx Glasses Frame accessories for kids

Blinx Frame Accessories

Blinx glasses accessories are collectable soft rubber charms which are  for use on the arms of spectacles.  They simply slide on and off children’s glasses so you can change the colour and style of your glasses as often as you wish! It’s a great value way of updating their frames and helping to encourage your child to wear their glasses.

Easy to slip on and off, Blinx can be mixed and matched, swapped and changed to suit your mood or clothing.  All Blinx also fit onto Blinx Bands –  soft adjustable bracelets that can be accessorised with Blinx to match your glasses.  At just £1.99 per charm, Blinx offer a cost effective way of creating a new look…as often as you like!

New Emoji Blinx just in!

Call in to see them @ Waveney Eye Care NI, Ballymena.

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Wolf Eyewear frames

New Wolf Eyewear frames now in stock!

Wolf eyewear was set up with the view to bring individual design and superior quality to the market at an affordable price. Their product styling comes from their own passion for innovative design and personalities that say life is fun!!!

Wolf eyewear love colour in frames, and think it’s a fantastic way to express who you are. Eyewear is a relatively small part of ‘the wardrobe’ but is the first thing seen, and says a lot about the wearer.

They use a very high standard of hinge for the temples and source the latest design in acetate colours. Wolf design use titanium, stainless steel, acetate and a number of other new materials that give a lightweight, strong and comfortable feel to the wearer.

Wolf frames from just £99


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World Glaucoma Week- Waveney Eye Care Opticians NI

Glaucoma – Eye Care – Ballymena

World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma week runs from March 12th -18th. Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage of the optic nerve at the point where it leaves the eye to carry visual information to the brain. Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness worldwide. It is estimated that 4.5million people globally are blind due to glaucoma.

There are several types of glaucoma. Some forms of glaucoma may occur at birth (“congenital”) or during infancy and childhood (“juvenile”); in most cases however, glaucoma appears after the 4th decade of life, and its frequency increases with age. There is no clearly established difference in glaucoma incidence between men and women.

If left untreated, most types of glaucoma progress towards gradually worsening vision and may lead to blindness. There are no symptoms or warning signs you would notice. Once developed, visual damage is mostly irreversible, and this has led to glaucoma being described as the “silent blinding disease” or the “sneak thief of sight”. This is why it is vital for you have regular eye test so your optician can look for early changes in your eyes.

To find out more about glaucoma click here


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Mother’s Day – Ballymena

Why not treat your mum this Mother’s day with a voucher for Waveney Eye Care NI? We offer vouchers for any value so you could use it to buy a beautiful handmade glasses chain for only £4.99 or our package deal glasses start at just £39.95 for frame and lenses!

Check out our competition on Facebook to win a gorgeous pair of Joules Sunglasses worth £99.

Waveney Eye Care NI – Ballymena

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Dry Eye Drops – 70% Off Sale

Dry Eye Relief – Waveney Eye Care NI

For the next few weeks we are selling dry eye drops with a shorter best before date at a massive 70% off !

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when the eyes don’t make enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly.

Symptoms include dry & irritated eyes, stinging or burning, grittiness, blurry vision and watery eyes.

 Causes include working in a dry or hot environment, VDU use, side effects of certain medications, hormonal changes and certain underlying eye conditions

How you can help relieve your dry eye symptoms

bathe your eyes with warm water in the morning

take regular vdu breaks

keep well hydrated

use drops to help your eyes feel more comfortable

Systane eye drops are clinically proven to provide relief from the signs and symptoms of dry eyes. They are fast acting and provide lasting comfort.

Call in so we can advise you which of the systane eye drops will best help your symptoms.

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World Book Day – Waveney Eye Care NI

Children’s eyesight – World Book Day

World book day is all about getting children and young people into bookshops and encouraging them to read.

To be able to read well, your child needs to have good vision. 1 in every 5 children has a vision problem and many of those go undiagnosed. Often children don’t know that their vision is blurry as the problem has maybe come on very slowly or they are simply used to it and don’t know any different.

All children 18 and under in full time education are entitled to a FREE annual eye test. We recommend coming in each year to make sure that their vision remains good and so that we can check that their eye muscles, colour vision and eye health are good too.

Help your child enjoy reading and book them an eye test today!

Waveney Eye Care NI – Ballymena



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Frame Clearance – Waveney Eye Care NI

Last Season’s designer Frame Clearance

We have a great selection of last seasons designer frames in a clearance sale. You pay for the lenses and get the frame totally FREE!!

Grab yourself a bargain!

Standard single vision lenses are just £55.

Replacement parts are unavailable for these frames.

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January Sale – 70% off Frames

January Frame Sale – Get 70 % OFF Designer Frames

There is 70% OFF a range of designer frames in our January sale. Tiffany, Zuma rimless and Guess frames are still available with 70% OFF.

Call in and grab a bargain!

If you are not due your eye test, you are welcome to simply buy the frame without prescription lenses.

Waveney Eye Care NI – Ballymena

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