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NI PEARS- Emergency Eye Care Service

New urgent Eye Care Service

Waveney Eye Care NI now have two Optometrists who are fully trained and accredited to provide the new emergency eye care service available to patients. The service allows your local Optometrist to be your first port of call if you have red or sore eyes or if you think you have got something in your eye.

What is NI PEARS?

NI Pears is a service provided by accredited optometry practices for patients who develop a sudden eye problem.

Over 100,000 patients in Northern Ireland attend hospital annually with eye problems, but many could be dealt with close to home by a local optometrist, freeing up hospital eye service appointments for more serious cases.

The NI PEARS service is for patients who develop a sudden eye condition such as:

  • Red eye (s)
  • Pain and/or discomfort in the eyes, or around the eye area
  • Sudden reduction in vision in one or both eyes
  • Recent onset or sudden increase of flashes and/or floaters in one or both eyes
  • Suspected foreign body in the eye

Appointments are available during normal working hours and you will be seen within 48 hours.

 What happens at an NI PEARS assessment?

The optometrist will discuss your eye problem including the symptoms you may have, any history of eye problems and related medical history. You will be given an eye assessment to enable the optometrist to investigate your condition. The optometrist will explain your condition and may:

  • Give advice and treatment if required. If the optometrist recommends an eye medication they will either direct you to your pharmacist to purchase the medication or give you a form to take to your GP to have a prescription issued. The optometrist may also recommend a follow up appointment.
  • Refer you to your GP if your eye condition is related to your general health
  • Refer you directly to the hospital eye service if the condition is more serious.

Local Eye Care – Waveney Eye Care NI Opticians – Ballymena

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Dry Eye Drops – 70% Off Sale

Dry Eye Relief – Waveney Eye Care NI

For the next few weeks we are selling dry eye drops with a shorter best before date at a massive 70% off !

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when the eyes don’t make enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly.

Symptoms include dry & irritated eyes, stinging or burning, grittiness, blurry vision and watery eyes.

 Causes include working in a dry or hot environment, VDU use, side effects of certain medications, hormonal changes and certain underlying eye conditions

How you can help relieve your dry eye symptoms

bathe your eyes with warm water in the morning

take regular vdu breaks

keep well hydrated

use drops to help your eyes feel more comfortable

Systane eye drops are clinically proven to provide relief from the signs and symptoms of dry eyes. They are fast acting and provide lasting comfort.

Call in so we can advise you which of the systane eye drops will best help your symptoms.

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