FREE Spare pair of Varifocals

Get a FREE pair of Varifocals this Summer…..

All through Summer we are offering you the option of a FREE pair of Hoya Amplitude Trueform Varifocal lenses when you buy a pair of premium Hoya Lifestyle 3 lenses.

All varifocals are not the same…

The new Premium varifocal from Hoya uses new digital technology to reduce blur in the lens periphery, reduce the sway affect that people sometimes associate with varifocals and improve the reading area. The lenses are tailored not only to your individual prescription but to your daily tasks and lifestyle.

What does this mean for you?

  • Clearer vision than ever before
  • Effortless adaptation to your varifocals
  • Lenses tuned to your daily activities
  • Wider field of view
  • Stable vision without that “wobbly feeling”

Lifestyle 3 Personalised Varifocals are £299 including premium anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings. When you buy a pair this Summer we will give you a FREE pair of Hoya Amplitude Varifocals designed with Freeform technology as a spare pair.


  • Frame purchases apply


Waveney Eye Care NI Opticians – Ballymena


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FREE Sunglass Lenses when you buy Varifocals

FREE Sunglasses offer

We are now offering a FREE pair of single vision standard lens sunglass lenses when you buy our new Hoya Lifestyle 3 Varifocals.

The Lifestyle 3 varifocals use the most up to date technology to create a lens offering optimal vision, wide field of view and amazing comfort. This premium lens with top of the range antiglare coating costs £299. When you purchase them we can offer you a FREE set of amplitude trueform varifocal lenses OR a FREE set of single vision sunglass lenses. Frames can be purchased to go with these free lenses from just £20.

Get yourself premium varifocals AND a spare pair of varifocal lenses or single vision sunglass lenses for FREE!

Offer runs until 30th September 2018

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